Now We're Gone

by Small Giant



"Homemade melancholia concept album played with silly instruments and dance / non-dance tribute to the music I grew up with."

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released January 28, 2013


SMALL GIANT is Simone Stefanini

Recorded at Homesick Studio by Simone Stefanini
Mastered at Studio Inconsapevole by Alessio Carli
Cover Art by Lucia Biagi
Produced by Fairy Sister

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John Neff (Blue Bob): Guitar in 3
Marialaura Specchia (Verily So): Voice in 3
Davide Lelli (The Please): Trumpet in 1 - 4 - 5 - 6
Luca Dalpiaz (Verily So): Bass in 1 - 4
Emanuele Voliani (Bad Love Experience): Bass in 5
Laura Casiraghi (Starcontrol): Bass in 6
Luigi Cerbone (Elara): Additional programming in Bonus Track
Stefania Salvato (Talk To Me): Voice in Bonus Track


Impatto Sonoro:
Osservatori Esterni:
Mola Mola Webzine:
The sound of confusion:
Paper Street:
Son of Marketing:
Bjorko Dio:
Salad Days Magazine:
Lover's Fart:
The Breakfast Jumpers:
Beach Sloth:
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Small Giant Cecina, Italy

Small Giant is Simone Stefanini,
from Tuscany, IT.
Also member of Verily So.

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Track Name: We Were Fuckers
we were fuckers / now we're gone
you were brave / i was trying
to be honest / with myself
was a thing / i had in mind

everything i had to say
something funny / something strange
everything i had to do
daydream stories / for the night

coming home was never easy

we were fuckers / now we're gone
traces are / everywhere
there are places / i can't stand
i could cry / i could cry

coming home was never easy

we were fuckers / every day
for too long / for too long
Track Name: The Night Apollo Died
do you remember that fight last night
i just go on / will it hurt?
i would give anything to turn back the time
because today / no fun

driving fast as i can to ease my mind
everything moves too fast in my mind

do you remember our fight last night
i felt like / the night apollo died
i remember that night / that night
i felt like / the night apollo died

next time / i won't be blind
we will be together / fine
next time / i won't be blind
you will be with me / all the time
Track Name: The Other Me
i remember a dream / i'm in my room
thinking about nothing
then it goes dark and darker
there's another me / staring at me

laugh behind the trees
i feel hands on my face
they hold me so tight
i don't know who they belongs to / but i like it

laugh behind the trees

i start to shiver
somewhere inside me there's a stain
something i forgot
then i wake up and i remember everything
Track Name: Murakami
i will fly / if you will sit / and you will close your eyes
i will die / if you will say / if you will say no more
i will buy / a wing of crow / a wing of crow tonight
after all / it is just me / a flying me / i see

(only when it's time, i'll do, only when it's time, i'll do, i'll do)
Track Name: Divisi
siamo due cuori piccoli
che vagano nell'asfalto
gelato di un aprile che
si preannunciava caldo
divisi da uno spazio fisico
che ci rende immensamente soli
se mi sento di dormire è perché
elimino il tempo in cui non sento te
Track Name: Another Way To Die
it's just another way to die
your lie
is just another way to die

the strangest thing's that everything is fine

your lie
is just another way to die